About Us

The Camel Soap Factory is an award-winning brand, based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. We’re committed to bringing you sustainable and environmentally sensitive natural skincare products handcrafted with locally sourced camel milk.


What started as a kitchen-based adventure for our founder Stevi Lowmass, has quickly grown to become a leading UAE skincare brand with loyal customers across the globe.

We are now the world’s largest producer of camel milk-based skincare products with a wide range of handcrafted soaps. We will soon release a line of face, hand and body creams and will also be re-introducing our well-loved lip balms.
Our product development has focused on creating beautiful natural soaps from the UAE. Our products truly reflect the long-standing tradition of soap making in the Middle East. We draw inspiration from the rich heritage of Arabia – its alluring aromas, exotic flavours and mystical ingredients.
Our hope is that when our customers take home The Camel Soap Factory natural skincare products, they’re taking home the memory of Arabia.
Ever conscious of our natural, handcrafted and sustainable origins, we remain true to our roots and continue to handcraft quality products in small batches to ensure that we deliver skincare products that are both skin and environment friendly Our commitment is reflected in our environmentally sensitive packaging; in our sustainable sourcing of raw materials; our water and energy management and our focus on reduced waste. We’re committed to what we believe in: happy skin, happy people and a happy planet.


For centuries, the people of Arabia have understood the value of camel milk – the bounty of the desert. Bedouin communities have relied on this rich liquid for sustenance and cosmetic purposes. Recently, clinical research has backed these claims. Rich in Alpha-Hydroxy acids, vitamins, anti-aging and anti- inflammatory proteins, camel milk is the perfect ingredient which can help to stabilise, protect and heal your skin.